Bell Bush Farm, a breaking and training yard set in the heart of the Quorn Hunt country, is a family run business managed by the family’s eldest son, Ed Winterton. 

Ed, like the rest of his family, has lead a life closely associated with horses from a very young age. His first contact with horses was being carried around the village in a basket saddle as mum Jane exercised her horses. From then on it was onto the Cottesmore Pony Club and riding with the Quorn Hunt. At the age of 7 Ed discovered Polo, a sport which has subsequently led him to where he is now. 

Turning professional at the age of 18, Ed has travelled the world to countries including New Zealand, Argentina, India and the USA and has also represented England against Australia, Pakistan and New Zealand Colts. During this time Ed discovered a second passion for riding young horses. From there he went on to work for some of the worlds top polo pony producers doing everything from handling foals and backing horses to schooling top level ponies. Since then Ed has gone on to break in horses from many other disciplines. 

In order to start out on his own, Ed moved back to the family farm in the Autumn of 2015 and started developing the facilities over the winter. 

An intimate understanding of horses, a great team including of course mum Jane and the aim to provide first class service is what enables Bell Bush Farm to give your horse the best possible start to their ridden lives. 

Bell Bush Farm
Bell Bush Farm
Bell Bush Farm
Bell Bush Farm
Bell Bush Farm
Bell Bush Farm

Our Services

Breaking /Starting

We cater for all needs and levels. With our vast collective experience and our calm and relaxed methods your horse is guaranteed a great start to its ridden life.


Racing pre-training, polo pony schooling or teaching your horse to start jumping to give a few examples of what we can do! We can help you and your horse to get ready and excel in your chosen discipline!

Problem Horses

Got a horse with a problem? Pulling back, rearing. bolting, won’t load? We can help! We will work with you and your horse to get over any problems to ensure you a happy future together!

Other information

With your horses happiness and wellbeing in mind we have a great range of professionals that regularly visit the yard to treat horses. We can organize for shoeing, clipping, teeth, worming or physio work to be carried out at your request or if we deem it necessary.

Rachel Hodson Pgdip Mctimoney AM/Sp&rem. Lev 5. BSc.Hons, EBW, LLLT cert.
Rachel is a highly qualified equine and human physio. She has been treating horses and riders at Bell Bush Farm for a number of years and is truly fantastic!

John and Jonathon Allington DWCF
Father and son team John and Jonathon have been shoeing for the Winterton family for over 30 years. Their knowledge and craftsmanship is second to none! 

Louisa Fear BAEDT reg. dentist
Local girl Lou is great with the horses and has a wealth of knowledge when it comes to a horses mouth!

Tower Equine Vetinary Surgeons
The wonderful team at Tower Equine are never far away should we need them!



Round Pen

The recently installed 20m pen is where the journey starts for your horse.

Sand School

Our 20x40m sand school has a high wooden fence specifically for riding freshly backed horses.

Horse Walker

The 5 horse Monarch walker is worth its weight in gold, great for warming up and cooling down.


With 20 top quality internal stables in large airy barns your horse will always be comfortable.


Individual stud fenced paddocks provide somewhere for your horse to unwind after a hard days work. Set in about 90 acres of pastureland it also makes for a great place to hack out!




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